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About Clay Jonathan

This Patreon is for supporters who wish to support my work on a monthly basis. If you'd like to support my work per strip, please use this Patreon instead.

Hi, my name is Clay. I draw webcomics and put them on the internet.

There are three series I am working on right now:

depression comix- these are comics that describe life with depression and related mental illnesses.
Sunflower- a comic about an undead woman trying to overcome the PTSD she suffered in her life
HAttie- a haunted house story.

There are more comics at my site at

Although all my work is on the web for free, I do need help with hosting, supplies, art classes, and the copious amounts of coffee needed to compete this work. I also keep the websites completely free of advertising and gimmicks to keep the page as readable and accessible as possible. Because of Patreon, I can host it without requiring ads, pop ups, or selling stuff, and this allows me to concentrate on bringing you the best comic I can do.

In case you're interested, at least one page or strip is published a week. Thank you very much for your support!

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