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About Clay Reid

Now that you have that high power coil gun sitting on your bench you need a pulse power supply so you can carry your coil gun over to your friends house and operate it there or maybe the woods, wherever you go you can shoot your coil gun.

Pulse power electronics is where it is at, that is the storing of energy over time and then releasing it quickly. Like store 1 watt in one second of time and then release that energy in one microsecond. That's a 1 megawatt pulse.

Pulse power supplies are special in that they have to be able to work into a short circuit, which varies as the capacitor charges even though it is partly charged up its still a short circuit. This is because the voltage is so high 450 vdc and there is a lot of capacitance to charge up. Also wait time to charge we want this to be a low number 5-7 seconds.

To charge 870 joules to 450 vdc in 5 seconds is a task and can cause a lot of heat which is wasted energy and we want to waste as little energy as possible. That's why I will be using split phase pulse width modulation to drive the power fets and not a resistor in series with the power supply and the capacitor to limit the in rush current.

* I wind all my own transformers which I use in my power supply designs.
* They operate at 62 khz for a small package.
* My power supply design uses all discrete IC not everything in a chip.
* My driver circuits cannot be found on the Internet.

You can do this too, by joining my support team I will become your teacher into electronics. As more and more support grows I will show more and more design work.

If you want to learn this exciting field then join my support team today.

I want to thank. Vasudev Mr,
Jono Elias

For coming on board. Even if I don't have all the funding I can still answer your questions.
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When I reach this goal I will release video of the detailed design of the winding of your first high freq 2.5 kw power transformer. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. I will show you how to calculate it and figure the wire size.
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