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About CWSC

Welcome to CWSC!

Are you?
  1. highly empathic
  2. highly sensitive
  3. highly creative or innovative
  4. free spirits / seekers / truth seekers / nomad
  5. "Spiritual, but not religious" / Open-minded / Soul-driven / or a Universal practitioners
If this sounds like you, you're in the right place. 
If you are also seeking to develop better self-care, or
  • You want to learn to stop allowing others to take advantage you
  • You want to unleash your creative self and have more joy in life
  • You want to simplify your life, so you don't feel so overwhelmed all the time
  • You want to get to the root cause of some of your life-long challenges
  • You are ready to re-write old, outdated mental scripts that have kept you stuck.
  • You want to cultivate better self-discipline for what matters most
  • You want to feel more serene, content, empowered, and focused
  • You want to develop healthy bonds with kindred spirits who understand your unique challenges 
We can help. 

Benefits of Membership

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  2. Exclusive Courses
  3. Live Webinars
  4. Member Calls
  5. Content Archives
  6. Community
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  10. Member News

Who are we?
CWSC stands for Clearwater Wellness and Spiritual Counseling. We are an intimate private membership organization and community offering guidance and support to the highly sensitive empath independent spiritual seekers - also known as Sensitive Free Spirits (SFS). Our members connect online, in person, via social media, and phone. We embrace those who are spiritually, psychically, and biologically, highly sensitive, empathic, and free spirited. We welcome those who have struggled with cultural displacement, marginalization, and soul loss. Those migrated from their ancestral lands or those displaced by force.

We offer 2-3 community memberships to support you in making bite size changes at your own pace, in a natural and organic way. This space is ad-free, private, and focused on your unique needs so you can focus more on what matters.

In addition, CWSC also offers consultations, divination, courses, and seasonal programs that can support you. As a member you receive discounts and perks on products and services. And you help us grow to serve more people. 

Who am I?

My spiritual name is 💮Queen Tuya Nu 💮(ne Irmina Ulysse). I am a multidisciplinary artist, wayshower/medicine woman, minister, and independent author of several books about self-awareness, consciousness, and self-development. A former wellness director, who left behind dysfunctional work and family systems to embrace her Soul's calling as a diviner, spiritual practitioner, healer, and mentor. CWSC is my unique way of serving the world.

As a lifelong practitioner of earth-based spirituality and wellness disciplines that are continuing to help me dissolve addictions to mindless consumptions, unhealthy foods, wasteful media, busy-ness, and many more artificial ways of being that doesn't work for us. I am called to create and develop a refuge for those on a parallel path.

Our Vision:
  1. We aim to be a supportive loving stronghold and resource for SFS.
  2. A safe refuge so you can get clear, rebuild self-trust, and learn to move forward with greater confidence.  
  3. A place to focus on PRACTICE, transformation and growth. 
Spiritual methods include: 
  • mind healing techniques, like affirmations, meditations, and introspection
  • ancestral re-connections methods like creating a simple altar to remember your history
  • spiritual remembrance, like daily prayers, quarterly rituals, and more
  • other techniques and resources including journaling, complimentary wellness tools, abstinence, and more
We, are all becoming, learning and practicing living in sacredness based on our OWN unique personal and individual pathways. With this mind, we welcome you at any level of membership starting from $5 to $50 to $150... Choose a level and any amount in between that you can easily afford.

At CWSC, we want to help pave the way for the modern Sanctuary Lifestyle™. A place for those devoted to living in harmony and wellness. A refuge for those desiring to freely express their inner divinity. 

$143.31 of $290 per month
With your support, I am working towards creating and producing quality content for our newsletter and other social media. I will also produce monthly posts to keep you engage and informed on Patreon. 

*All goals are tier-based. Some offerings may only be available to the higher tiers.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts

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