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Broze Programmer

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Want to weigh in on my work? Your comments on my posts may be picked as the subject of my next piece of content, plus all previous rewards.

Analogous Programmer

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I will use your name in some of my wonderful analogies in one of my videos. I will also notify you through e-mail, patreon, youtube, or comments which part of the video I did that at.. Plus all pre...

Curious Programmer - 1 Video/Month

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I will create 1 videos specifically for you addressing something important to you (one time only). Plus all previous rewards.

Dedicated Programmer - One 40 Minute Session

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You will receive 1 one-on-one session with me (40 Minutes). Also, you are awesome!

Clever Programmer - 2 Videos or 2 Sessions

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I will create 2 videos specifically for you addressing something important to you (once every month),

OR you will receive 2 one-on-one sessions with me (1 hour each). Plus all previous rewards.

Ultimate Programmer

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I will create a full video tutorial course specifically designed for you (one time only).