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For anyone who wants to support Clever Techie as I continue to create more videos :) 
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Get access to ALL 1080p HD Videos Free of Ads plus all the additional downloadable content which includes: additional files (cheat sheets, charts, source code, graphics) AND videos in HD format (free of ads) created by me on Clever Techie YouTube channel. This means you'll be able to keep videos, source code and all other content on your computer forever :)




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Welcome to Clever Techie Patreon

Hey guys my name is Vladi (Clever Techie), I'm the creator of YouTube channel Clever Techie where I teach PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS/Bootstrap and other web development technologies. Here you'll be able to download my videos with additional content and source code.

What Do I Get for $5/month?

  1. Download full source code with easy to understand comments
  2. Download visual aids, diagrams, cheat sheets, notes and outlines
  3. Access to all videos in HD 1080p format with no ads
  4. Syntax code summary and topics outline
  5. Organized file structure and workspace
  6. Download PHP programming book by Clever Techie

Why Patreon?

Video ads at Clever Techie YouTube channel are making very little.... and honestly I would rather not annoy my subscribers with ads anyway, so my goal is to gradually remove a lot of the ads from my videos on YouTube and transition to Patreon supported income.

Having HD videos with no ads on your computer along with nicely organized source code and all the additional video material like cheat sheets and diagrams makes it much easier and more fun to learn from Clever Techie

You'll also be able to download PHP Programming Book by Clever Techie:

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 102 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 102 exclusive posts

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