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About is a free space for artists, curators and researchers to build and share creative responses to our rapidly growing environmental and climate challenges. Our network is exploring what we understand in the idea of the 'Anthropocene': in this new planetary age, humankind is changing the natural world at global scales.

Researcher and writer Mark Goldthorpe launched ClimateCultures in 2017 when, after many years working in areas of good practice, policy-making and public engagement on environmental issues, he had the opportunity to work with artists alongside climate experts and recognised the key role that imagination and creativity play in bringing about change. Since then, ClimateCultures has
  • Built a network of creative and curious people ...

  • Published a wealth of original content from novelists, short story writers, poets, playwrights, painters, composers, filmmakers, landscape artists, gallery owners, online curators, historians, archaeologists, climate researchers, and many more disciplines and practices ...

  • Established a platform for sharing what we do and the possibilities it offers, starting with our online directory of Members, our monthly Re:Culture newsletter and our growing archive of creative series.

This growing resource is free for anyone to access, enjoy and take inspiration from. And any artist, curator or researcher working on creative or cultural aspects of our topics can become a Member - again, free of charge. A free site means we eliminate barriers to content and to communicating the scope for creativity in addressing the biggest topics of our age.

Becoming a ClimateCultures Patron is a new feature: an opportunity for anyone who wants to support and sustain this work to get involved. Members of our network of artists, curators and researchers don't have to be Patrons, and Patrons don't have to be an artist, curator or researcher! 

As a Patron - whether as a Supporter, a Sustainer or a Sponsor - your monthly contribution is a massive help towards what ClimateCultures does and what more it can provide. 

Patrons' support helps ClimateCultures to meet the costs of:

  • Essential services to deliver the network, content and platform - from the server fees and add ons to the expertise that maintains and enhances the site.

  • Editing the content for our expanding series of Members' Posts.

  • Drafting the editor's reviews, the Re:Culture newsletter and other online content.

  • Designing and adding new features and building ways to engage new creative people in the network.

Climate change isn't standing still - neither is ClimateCultures!

But bringing ClimateCultures to Patreon is about a lot more than supporting our costs. It's also about going beyond providing a network and content - to building a community. A community of people who are exploring what our changing climate and environment mean to them, why the Anthropocene is different to 'business as usual': what needs to be different, and what this offers. Curious people with questions, ideas and imagination. A community that will help to shape what ClimateCultures can be.

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The ClimateCultures Patrons' Forum: we'll launch a forum especially for you - and you'll shape what that delivers and how. Want to share ideas for ClimateCultures to explore on the public website? Have questions you'd like to share with other Patrons? Want to discuss ideas you've read on the public ClimateCultures site itself, or elsewhere? How about a Book Club or a Film Club? Want feedback on your project, creative draft or idea?
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