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About Clockwork Origins

Apocalypse is over. The sun is covered by a dense veil of dust. There’s almost no life left on Earth. Just a few groups of women and men find together in the ruins of the Old World. They just have one goal: to escape Earth on self-built airships and begin a new life above the clouds.

But there’s not much time left, as Earth gets more life-hostile with each day. And there are many threats waiting in the ruins – high-tech robots and mutants who will attack anyone daring to enter their territory …

Get part of our project Red Skies: Ascension! With your help we're going to create a unique RPG with a turn-based combat system – just as you know it from classics like Divinity: Original Sin, or the Wizardry series. And what's more, you even build your own robots to fight with. Find out more on

What genre does the game belong to?
Red Skies: Ascension can best be assigned to the genre of role-playing games, though it has many elements of an adventure – as example a straight storytelling, many puzzles and riddles.

Which development team is behind the game?
The two founders of the indie developer Clockwork Origins, Daniel Bonrath and Sebastian Frenzel, already worked together on several of the best Gothic modifications. Find out more about the team on our team page.

We are experienced in different genres like RPG, strategy, action and platformer and completed small and really large scale projects. In 2019 our first standalone game was released, the tower defense Elemental War.

Clockwork Origins stands for outstanding games for PC and consoles. We work on innovative game mechanics and interesting stories. Support and the direct exchange with the players is immensely important to us.

You'll find more on our projects on our history page.

What playing time are you aiming for?
The playing time is 15 to 20 hours.

On which platforms will I be able to play the game?
We seek to publish Red Skies: Ascension simultaneously on PC (Windows, Linux) as well as Xbox and PlayStation.

When do you want to release the game?
Release is set for early 2022.

Why should I support the development of the game?
By supporting our project you'll get weekly and monthly exclusive insights in the development of the game and the possibility to help us decide on important issues and questions. You can even secure individual robot designs and textures!
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