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About Clockworks

Who are you guys?

Clockworks is Paul and Jan Moffett, and we make podcasts. Paul is an academic, Jan is a writer and library worker, and we both love fiction.

What would I be supporting exactly?

Clockworks makes podcasts, and maybe sometimes other things? Mostly podcasts. Currently we have three podcasts in production, and one in the archives.

Current Podcasts:

Our newest podcast, premiering soon, is Poplar Opinion: A Call the Midwife Podcast Poplar Opinion is an episode-by-episode recap and discussion of the BBC series Call the Midwife. Poplar Opinion will air on Mondays.

Our second podcast, which airs on Fridays when it airs, is Way Too Seriously: A Critical Analysis of Kids' Movies. On each episode of WTS we talk about a children's movie and take its themes and social perspective seriously. Some may even say, too seriously. WTS is in slowed production while we're considering our future, but it's not over. Expect new episodes.

Thirdly, Paul hosts Halfway Expert alone. For this podcast Paul spends a week studying a topic he has no expertise in, then invites a real expert on the show and tries to explain the subject while the real expert corrects him. Halfway Expert updates on Wednesdays when it updates.

Archived Podcasts:

Our first podcast, which is where our name comes from, was Clockworks: A Legion Podcast, a critical episode-by-episode analysis of the tv series Legion, supplemented with interviews with some of the people who made the show. Legion ended in 2019 and so did our podcast about it. 

What do I get if I support you?

If you're here it's because you like what we do, and we couldn't be more grateful. Thank you! We started this so that we could make something together, but if people are listening that is an overwhelming honour.

If you support us, we want you to know how much we appreciate you, and the best way we know of doing that is making you special things.

All patrons get access to an archive of bonus podcasts, including Current Obsession, where we gush about whatever we are obsessing over right now, and WTS Trivia where we quiz each other. 

Patrons at the $5 level also get access to the archive of Patreon One-Shots, which are one-off podcast episodes, each about a single topic.

Beyond this, we're re-evaluating exactly what our rewards should be, and we're open to suggestions!

Rewards aside, you know and we know that if you're supporting us it's because you like what we do. Much as we began this for the joy of it, we can only afford to continue if we have support. If you like what we do here, you want us to keep it up, and to keep improving at it. That's what we want too.
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