Nicholas Cloister is creating - a fantasy world (currently in PAUSE mode)

$1 /mo
Access to extended information and artwork from the world of Jakyama through The Patron's Insight PDF series , and the ever expanding Jakyama Glossary PDF.

$5 /mo
Access to print-resolution images of all art produced.

$10 /mo
Access to sketches and steps of many pieces of artwork and insight into the making of the World of Jakyama, through the Sketches and Steps PDF series.

$25 /mo
Non-exclusive publishing rights to some of the artwork released will be yours. What amount and what kind is undefined and remains to be seen.

$100 /mo
You are a major protector of the world of Jakyama, and will be given some influence over her existence. Perhaps you want your daughter's name to decorate the gates of a city, or a monster inspired ...

$200 /mo
If you belong to this admirable category of patrons at a time when fortune strikes, and a film- or game producer decides to purchase the rights to feature the world of Jakyama, in his or her produc...