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I am so grateful that you listen to and enjoy the podcast and are willing to support me. Your support will help me continue to create a well-produced podcast and invest in better sound recording eq...

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Thank you so much! For $3 /month I'll write you a snail mail thank you card that I'll send to your mailing address and you'll get access to the Patron-only Feed, which includes bonus content, playl...

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At $15, you get access to email support for your knitting and general project/podcast questions PLUS all the goodies from the $5/level of support 

+ email support from me on your kni...


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Limited to 3 spots a month, $35 patrons get a 30 min skype session in which we can talk about knitting pattern questions, podcast questions and other organizational questions. Plus a follow up emai...

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(super limited - just one a month!) Want help with your knitting project, want to learn to knit or spin wool? At this level of patronage, you'll get an entire hour of knitting lessons with me, once...