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Creating Digital resources introducing CloudComputing to absolute newbies

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About Cloud Newbies

Since 2018, I have been creating websites, resources, video courses, and ebooks to help introduce Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to complete beginners through and In middle of 2019, I quit my full-time job as a SysAdmin at a tech start up to pursue these projects full-time, while freelancing as a technical writer and instructor to make an income.

Now, it's 2020, and I've began the year by launching Cloud Newbies Society, a community for Cloud Newbies and Cloud Professionals to come together to learn, study for certs, and explore careers in cloud computing.

There are many more projects that are in progress, or in the plans. Here's a sample list:
  • A blog interviewing professionals from all around the world, in all different types of work that work with or in Cloud Computing to show the diversity of career opportunities in the Cloud (Hello, Cloud Newbies!)
  • A podcast series that introduces core Cloud Computing concepts and core AWS services in short, easy to digest episodes so you can begin learning about AWS during your commute or while you walk your dogs when you have a few minutes to spare
  • A community of cloud professionals and cloud newbies to have an inclusive environment to ask questions, network, and learn about Cloud Computing (Cloud Newbies Society)
  • A complete revamp of to update, clean up, and improve the resource website that began it all

And this is where this Patreon and YOU come in!

AWSNewbies has been funded by me, both financially and labor-wise for the past 2 years. And most of the projects I create and release are free to use, or priced very inexpensively to make them as accessible as possible to everyone. I was considering getting corporate sponsors for projects to see if that'll be a good way to fund them... But I decided to try out crowd-funding first, as these projects are meant to give back to the community, and I want to remain as true to that as possible. 

This "grand goal" to make Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services accessible to as many people without traditional technical backgrounds as possible has gone from a passion project to my full-time work... Without the full-time salary.  Which means that I need to supplement my income with freelance work, which means I have less time and energy to devote to the resources I so want to create.

There is a lot more that needs to be done, and many projects that are on-hold. Having a stable source of secondary income will make it easier for me to justify putting in more time and resources into developing the communities, creating the resources, and finally green-lighting the "wishlist" projects I've been talking about for a while.

Thank you for reading this long intro... And I hope you'll support Cloud Newbies! And if you can't financially, I and the Cloud Newbies community will appreciate it A LOT if you could share the Patreon!
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Begin creating "Intro to AWS" podcast that introduces Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services in a short, easily digestible audio format. 
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