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  • "Supporter" role on our Discord server
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  • You help us keep the servers blinky led light things on
  • You are also cooler than the other kids
  • You will have $1 less per month to buy Fortnite skins
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  • Everything from tier 1
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  • Everything from tier 1 and 2
  • We host one game server of your choice for you and your (totally real) friends
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Hi we are CLRTD (and we won't tell you what "CLRTD" means).
We host web- and sometimes game servers and we like money and not dying of starvation.

We also found out that if you manage to lower your standards enough to beg people for money people might start to give you money!

What do we need this money for?
  • Servers consume way too much power. Its expensive
  • We kind of want hardware that isn't straight from the 90s
  • After 20 hours of coding you somehow fall asleep. Help us fix this bug by buying unhealthy amounts of energy drinks (also expensive)

If you didn't come here to support us we hope that this text at least made you smile!
$1.70 of $40 per month
We are able to pay the electricity bills. Nice.
Leftovers will be spend on improved hardware/software (make servers go fast)
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