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Thanks to viewers like you, we can upload videos without worrying about bullshit copyright claims. You will receive a Personalized message from us :)
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This is an exclusive club. We will send and audio file of anything you want us to say. Anything. I will talk so much shit to your teacher miss Lindsey and you can play the soundbite during one of her lectures. Fuck her. Okay.
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Wow that's a lot of money, thank you very much. We will send you a private video, of our choice. A commentary maybe? Seal making a smoothie? What Club&Seal do best but For Your Eyes Only! Patrons have a say in what content gets chosen :)




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Someone needs to provide the world with refreshing commentary, so we've stepped up to the plate. People always ask for more videos,  Patreon will enable us to upload more commentaries with less constraints! 
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We don't got goals. Just ambition :)
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