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Most people know me as Pulse, but my real name is James... Jim...  Jimothy. I'm mostly known for my pro wrestling & gaming videos on YouTube! I've been doing YouTube for the better part of the last decade, and I truly can't imagine my life without it. As much as it can be completely draining sometimes, creating content is my biggest hobby & passion.

"Why Patreon, Pulse?"

The content that I create isn't conventional. I make videos on wrestling companies that draw less than 1,000 people and I make videos on games that aren't in the top 10 list because well, that's what I enjoy & I want to share that enjoyment. I don't look at analytics or craft my content after chasing the dragon, so to say. I make the content I want to make & to hopefully connect with the right people. YouTube's system already sucks as everyone knows. The system can a lot of the times be anti-creator, especially to the guys stuck in the middle like myself. Your Patreon support is a source of stability for me & would allow me peace of mind to continue creating like I've been creating.

"Where does my money go?"

Into my bank account lmao no, but seriously: most of all of it goes back into my channel. Whether that be upgrading my rig to improve video quality, improving my peripherals like my camera or getting more lights, or just paying for the place I live so I can continue to make videos. You're helping me continue to create.

"Rewards?! Do I need to do anything special to get them?"

Nah, if you see a specific reward you want, all you need to do is become a patron in that tier. It's super simple, just a few clicks. Starting with the $1 tier, you get Discord rewards. You can find my Discord here. If you need to learn how to integrate your Patreon & your Discord, you can do so here. I recommend doing it even if you don't use Discord that much as I announce a lot of things there in the super secret room only premium supporters can see.

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