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  • 6-8 comic pages per month
  • many high-res (3000pix) files
Every month you will receive all the finished pages I produce at high-res (3000pix). Usually I do two updates per month: two bunches of pages during the second half of the month. You will receive a huge virtual hug per month too. Coax loves you!


per month
  • All $3 rewards
  • plus illustrations and sketches
  • plus access to the archive
You will receive the usual updates with comic pages, plus an additional update at the end of the month with some extra stuff of illustrations, drawings and sketches. This reward also gives you access to the archive of previous posts. Coax adores you!


Limited (6 of 10 remaining)
per month
  • All $3 + $6 rewards 
  • The Big Pack of Comics in PDF (+25!)
I've collected all my digital comics in one single post. The fastest, easiest and cheapest way for newcomers. Moreover you also get access to all my other patreon posts to get the drawings and pages not yet in pdf. Yeah, you receive hundred of pages and illustrations of fetish themes!  All my fetish production of many years! Coax is raptured in ecstasy!

Note: this is obviously a one-time-offer. Remember to decrease your amount before the new month after you download all the comics.




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About Coaxdreams

Who is Coax?
Hello, I'm a fetish artist and I do adult comics and illustrations since long ago. My area is the erotic fetish and funny plots. My preferences include damsels in distress, bondage, restraints and chubby girls, so that's what you will find more often in my works. More info about me and my works in my website:

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a good way to support your favorite artists with a regular amount of money and get exclusive rewards.

Anyway if you just want to support me with a single amount you can buy all my comics as a single pack in the $50 tier (more info below) or buy them separately in Gumroad and DriveThruComics.

What are the rewards?
Just from the moment you join in, you get access to lots of patron-only posts. I keep about two years of old posts... that means more than 80 comic pages and +100 illustrations!

I post three times per month. This is what you get:

- 6-8 pages of comic. Now I'm working in a long story about domination and submission. I usually post them in two bunches during the second half of the month.

- A bunch of 4-6 drawings. Whatever I've done lately: commissions, promotional drawings, sketches. I post it at the end of the month.

- A side project. During last years I've done short gif animations and a visual novel game. I don't know what I will do in the future, but whatever I do, I will post here!

For $3/month:
  • get access to the 6-8 pages of the month (usually in 2 posts)
  • You can read my comics while I'm doing them, months before I finish the pdf for sale.
  • Many high-res files (3000pix).

For  $6/month:
  • All $3 rewards. Hence the monthly updates of comic pages.
  • An extra update with illustrations, drawings and sketches.
  • Get exclusive content of drawings that I don't post anywhere.
  • Get access to the archives of old posts. Lots of content!

For $50 you get:
  • all my finished pdf comics.
  • the $3 and $6 rewards: the monthly updates, access to the archive old posts, images and comics not bundled as pdf yet.

Yeah, you receive hundred of pages and illustrations of fetish themes! All my fetish production of many years! By Coax with love!

The full list of comics includes: Wanda Wolfe 1-7 + Special 1, Kinky Slave Bundle (issues 1-3), Hypnowitch, Nymphomaniac, Astaroth & Bernadette collection (issues 1-3), Fetish Affaire, Porn Hell, Sugar Maniac Bondage Dream, Jenny & The Gang Bang Motors, Fetish Drawings, Fetish Sketches, A Petgirl's Story, Another Pet's Story, Crazy for Ropes, Sexy Stories, Short Fetish Stories, Bizarre Office, FetixX Files - Straitjackets, FetixX Files -Bondage and FetixX Files - Tickles. Total: 27 comics!

Warning: this is obviously a one-time-offer. After you download all the comics remember to decrease your amount before the new month or you will be charged $50 again.

When do I get charged?
You will be charged the same day you join, giving you access to all the content for your reward tier. Afterwards you will be charged on the 1st of every month. You can change or cancel your pledge whenever you want. 

Many thanks!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 169 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 169 exclusive posts

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