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About Stormplay

Hello, I am Cobra!, and I make games under the Stormplay Games banner. I am based in North Lanarkshire, Scotland.

I make these games on my own using nothing but open source tools. I have been developing games since 2007, and have been making steady releases since 2016. Since then, I have released 3 games, and am working on more. I need to keep myself afloat, however, as I have finished uni, and any support will help me dedicate all of my time to game development and have a budget towards making these games they best they can be.

How do I know if I can trust you? Are your games any good?
See for yourself! All of my newer games are available at my page! You can also check out my website while you're here!

What's your current project?
The game I'm currently working on is Pinkeye, a throwback 90s FPS set in an alternate universe where the UK never formed, and tensions between Scotland and England remain very tense, you play as a Scottish agent stopping another English attempt at annexation.

Any support would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading!

Hullo, A'm Cobra!, an A pit thegither gemms unner the Stormplay Gemms banner. A'm based in North Lanarkshire, Scotland.

A mak these gemms on ma ain no uisin onyhin but appen source tuils. A'v been developin gemms syne 2007, an hiv been makkin steady released syne 2016. Sin Syne, A'v pit oot 3 gemms, an A'm wirkin on mair. A'm needin money tae keep massel g'in an funds tae help gie me aw the time tae wirk on ma gemms an mak thaim the best thay can be.

Hou dae A ken gin A can tryst you? Ur yer gemms ony guid?
See fur yersel! Aw o ma newer gemms Ur available at ma page! M'on chack oot ma wabsite while ye'r here an aw!

Whit ur ye wirkin on the nou?
A'm wirkin on Pinkeye, a flingback tae 90s First Person Shuiters, inspired bi gemms like Goldeneye an Perfect Dark, set in an alternate universe whaur the UK wis never formed an tensions b'tween Scotland an Inglis ir awfu tense. Ye play as a spy agent stappin anither attempt bi Ingland tae annex Scotland.

A'll be awfu chuffed wi ony support A git. Cheers fur readin! <hr>
Credit to Bas-Makes-Games for the Profile Picture!
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