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About Cobus


(That's South African for "Hello, how are you?".
I promise it has nothing to do with acne.)
Welcome to my Patreon page! My name is Cobus (pronounced "kwuh-biss", other notable examples include "Quebec" & "Quidditch").

I started making videos of me drumming along to my favourite songs more than 12 years ago (long before it was cool) and uploading them to YouTube (long before you could make ANY money with it) and since then this has turned into the most amazing journey of my life so far, including moving from a small town in South Africa to Los Angeles to pursue music full time - all entirely thanks to YOU.

I absolutely love playing the drums, connecting with people the world over, and eating cheese.

Why I'm Here

The video above explains things pretty well, so I'll keep this simple: Patreon will make it possible for me to release more videos, more consistently, as well as connecting more with you guys to find out exactly what kind of content you want to see. I LOVE THIS. It's been a long time coming and I'm very excited!

Since I do everything myself (set-up, tuning, miking, recording, mixing, editing, etc) it makes it very time-consuming (and expensive!) to produce high quality videos, which means I can only really do it every few months. I am hoping and praying that Patreon makes it possible for me to do this WAY more often: uploading a new video every two weeks. I am hoping to eventually do many more videos, collaborations, lessons, and original music.

Where Your Money Goes

Right now, your money will quite literally go towards me paying rent and buying food. I've taken the plunge and rented a permanent studio space where my drums, cameras, and recording equipment is set up all the time, and even though this is a significant extra expense: it also makes it possible to record much more content, much easier. I'm hoping that enough patrons sign up so I can keep this recording space full time.

If things go well and more patrons sign up, it will make it possible to UPGRADE to higher quality videos, bigger productions, more diverse content, and more community-focused projects (like the YouTube Band Project, or the Re-Cover Music Project). 

How It Works

You have COMPLETE control: you can have a look at the reward tiers, pick what you want, and pledge that amount towards every new video I upload. You'll only get charged every time I upload a new video, and you can also set a monthly limit - so you can make sure you never spend more than you feel comfortable with. I am planning on putting up as much rad content as I can, which initially would mean uploading around 2 to 3 times per month.

Your support will quite literally make it possible for me to make more of the videos you guys want to see, as well as connecting with you regularly, so I can't thank you enough.

See you on the inside!

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When we reach this goal, I will send ALL patrons a signed and personalized postcard from sunny Los Angeles, thanking you for your incredible support!
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