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About Coco L'Amour

Hello! Thank you for visiting my page!

My name is Coco L'Amour and I'm a Burlesque performer, Instructor, and producer in San Diego, CA. I hit the San Diego Burlesque scene in 2010 and have been in love with the art form ever since. 

Burlesque Performer:
As "the face of fierce", I'm known for my fierce facials and unique take on neo-burlesque. I have extensively trained in both dance and theater and love to bring big tricks and lots of DRAMA to the stage!

Burlesque Producer:
I have been producing burlesque shows since 2012 and currently produce 3 - 4 shows per year at Queen Bee's Arts & Cultural Center.

Burlesque Instructor:
In 2016, I took my passion for burlesque and mixed it with my love of teaching dance by opening San Diego's first studio dedicated to the art of burlesque, Glitter Tribe Studios. At Glitter Tribe, I share my expertise with students of all levels in various dance classes, workshops, and my Soloist Mentor program.

I've created this Patreon site for two reasons:
1. To help fund more opportunities to perform outside of San Diego. This would allow me to network nationally and bring more awareness to Glitter Tribe Studios. 
2. To offer more opportunities to interact with my students. I'm not alway able to go over certain moves, or burlesque essential ideas in a full class setting. Through Patreon, I plan on offering weekly tutorials on specific moves and 30 minute Skype or Studio sessions to discuss choreography, act development, branding, and more. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my page. Please let me know if you have any questions, feedback, or ideas on what you'd like to see on this page. Your input is so important!

Chin up, tits out, onward!