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About Coco

Hello everyone!

I am Coco, and I have been creating bondage art for half a century by now. I started publishing my work professionally for the first time almost forty years ago, first in printing, for instance in the magazines of Harmony Communications. And about ten years ago, due to the demise of the printed media, we started a website: Coco Bondage Art Productions (CBAP for short).

By joining Patreon I'm hoping to gain a larger audience for my work, and, hopefully, offer as many people as possible some fun and excitement that way!

A few words about my work

Although I have also done some mainstream erotic work, Bondage is the central theme of 95 percent of my output, in a variety of forms. There's fetish work, rope bondage, metal bondage, stocks, confinement and more. Over the years, however, I have also developed an interest in a few niches.  One of those is BBB, female Body Builders in Bondage.

Another one (although today it seems to have become less of a niche) is mature and elderly ladies tied up.

And one of the latest new roads I decided to try ( haven't done much of it yet, but there is one E-book out there) is little women ( women, not girls!) in bondage.

I have worked in pencil, black and white with markers and Rotring pens, with the airbrush and, for the last fifteen years or so, in Photoshop.

Why Patreon?

Like I have already mentioned: I hope to get my work out to as many people as possible. And in this day and age, that means having a site, I'm also on Deviant Art and Patreon could play a massive role in achieving that goal.
But of course, I also hope to gain some financial support, as a sixty-year-old without a pension. Not that I am planning on retiring any time soon: I hope to keep drawing and publishing until my last breath, don't get me wrong! But this extra funding would give me a bit more security in life, and a bit more room perhaps to take on some bigger projects once more, like the publishing of a new real book, or (as we at CBAP have been dreaming about for a long time), some sort of traveling exposition of my work.

18% complete
A little more security in life, and the printing of a new book. And the dream we have of producing a traveling exposition of my work.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 420 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 420 exclusive posts

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