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About Code Burnout

Welcome to Code Burnout, we are overwhelmed by all the love and support we have received and we are honored that you have landed our Patreon page.

Code Burnout is a podcast dedicated to helping those in the tech and entrepreneurial space who suffer from stress and other mental health issues. This podcast is dedicated to allowing technologists and entrepreneurs to take a moment to be in the moment. Our mental health is important and the conversations about mental health and the tools to manage our lives are very much needed.

We have hit the ground running! but as we got started we realized we're missing a lot of essential things to be a sufficient space to operate the podcast and spread awareness of what we're doing. 

OUR FIRST EPISODE: will drop late June/early July

With your support, we can buy better equipment, pay for production and help us plan for the future. We want to provide as many resources as we can to our listeners.

Starting at $4 per month you will have full access to our bonus content including, after-the-show episodes, pre-show vlogs and 20 second sponsor segment (as long as it doesn't violate our terms)

If you'd like to receive our content via Patreon's RSS content feed, you can access it on the right side of our main page. Additionally, Patreon has a mobile app for iOSand Android that you can use to download and stream our patron-exclusive content much more easily.

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