is creating a new sandbox for wizards to craft magic spells with code.

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About CodeSpells

IT'S HAPPENING! We are re-building the whole spell-crafting sandbox from the ground up! Join our Patreon community to help support the development of CodeSpells, and earn CodeSpells-related perks along the way! Learn about our vision for the new CodeSpells and get the latest updates on the blog:

You can still find the original version of CodeSpells on Steam. Purchases of the old sandbox help support future development too!

2013-2014: Graduate students at UC San Diego built an educational game intended to teach kids how to code by crafting magic spells. They published several papers at academic conferences.
2014: The CodeSpells team (led by those same grad students) raised enough on Kickstarter to make the first version of the sandbox game.
2015-2016: The team built the first CodeSpells sandbox, which is still available on Steam!
2017-2019: This is the time we call "The Darkness." The game was available on Steam, but development could no longer continue due to lack of funding. The team tried to get renewed funding from various sources to no avail.
2020: COVID-19 hits, and BAM! With tons of time stuck in our houses, some of the original CodeSpells team wanted to revisit this awesome concept and take another shot at it, now wiser after developing the first version.

Stephen Foster is the lead developer on CodeSpells. Stephen has worked on CodeSpells since the beginning. He's excited to see where this next iteration takes the community!
Lindsey Handley is the business lady, community manager, and #1 CodeSpells fan. Lindsey has been part of the CodeSpells Team since the original Kickstarter.

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