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About Todd Mitchell

Hi, I'm Todd Mitchell

I run a small indie game studio, I host the GameDev Breakdown Podcast, I operate industry shop talk blog, Code Write Play, and I even contributed a chapter to The Ultimate Freelancer's Guidebook. I'm here on Patreon to guide you through the technical side of creativity, so you can bring more of your favorite ideas to life. 

(Here's some of my VR work on display at the 2018 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona)

What do I know? 

I'm a professional software developer of about 15 years, an independent game developer, and a published writer with game industry journalism experience. In short, I had to start teaching myself loads of technical skills at about age 14, and I never stopped. Here are just some of the skills I've been responsible for in my journey as a creator:
  • Software design and programming
  • Web design and development
  • Writing for the workplace, games, non-fiction for publication, and screenplays
  • Game design and development
  • Music composition
  • 3D modeling
  • 2D illustration and graphic design - even as a particularly ungifted artist
  • Video editing
  • High-quality audio recording on a budget
  • Marketing and search engine development
Not having a particular skill yet has never stopped me from doing anything, and I want to be the time-saver friend for others that I wish I'd had along the way. 

(this is a simple game I created to teach my son letters and numbers)

But can I teach?

Try me! Since becoming an indie creator myself, I've written a ton about my processes, both in tutorial and high-level formats. Since launching my first educational app for kids, I've spoken to hundreds of elementary and middle school students during Hour of Code events, and have participated in Q&A events with parents, educators, and child development professionals. I launched and host the GameDev Breakdown Podcast, which was selected to partner with Microsoft at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in 2018 to highlight special guests and distribute exclusive interviews. I'm always working on putting together great teaching resources, highlighting the best of the indie scene, and relaying wisdom from the professional industry and beyond.

(Me at right, with friends from Microsoft at GDC 2018)
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Podcast Hosting Is Covered

If we reach the point that the GameDev Breakdown Podcast hosting is covered each month, I will commit to releasing a regular weekly show without the irregular gaps we have now, barring emergencies and other legitimate excuses. Basically, we won't keep skipping a week just because we didn't happen to record one. 
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