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I've created videos for YouTube to empower women since November 2012. I've always had an interest in doing this because I see how badly society treats women of regardless of body size, body shape, race, religion, culture, background, etc., and I want to take a stand.

Because I've always had a weakness for women of color (black and mixed race) and because especially black women are under daily attack in the media and society, in December of 2016 I decided to expand my horizon and create specific video content for them. Through my videos I am letting black women (and mixed-race women who identify as black) see how beautiful and attractive they are. I also show these women that lots of men from various races are attracted to them. And, I also give tips to these women for dating interracially.

I have set up this Patreon page because your support means I can spend more time on - and buy better equipment for - making the videos that you want to see! :-)
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If I can manage to reach this amount on a monthly basis I would be able to upload a lot more videos. Instead of uploading a new video every few days I might be able to upload one every day, and how cool would that be?!
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