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About Coffee Crew

Website: - ON and for you! PC & Smartphone ready! 
  • Goes #NonStop Live on Numerous Facebook and YouTube Channels (on air travel daily). 
  • Coffee Crew does review national and some local news. #forsure
  • Travels all over the online world (and the USA), to bring you news of the MOST IMPORTANT things happening in the world around us. 
  • Coffee Crew is a fun host because you NEVER KNOW what he will come up with next. 
  • Talks and speak like real people do. #ForgottenUSA 
  • Hosts the 8:30 PM Pacific Daily SHOW on AMERICAN Reviews (on both). 
    • 10:30 PM Central 11:30 PM Eastern
    • Morning Coffee Feature Podcast Daily (& Facebook pages)
Does 15 to 20 shows a week on Facebook pages that are topic or politically oriented.
  • Host the show monthly on The Politically Uncorrect (FB #PC #Uncorrect).
  • Started his career of hosting shows on Facebook as #MoreFatherlyAdvice host.
  • Host of the Show on ThisOldBarn on Facebook from 2015 to present day (monthly show).
    • Garden, barn life , horses, "wisdom from the campfire" and more.
    • Teaches composting and growing of foods and survival resources.
    • Retired from the barn life at a family owned horse rescue to host shows and travel
    • Trainer and hauler of livestock (horses). CowboyGreg #rodeo 
    • Other sites or SM platforms are: (Personal for Cowboys with Tucks)
      • Instagram
        • Rarely Used... Please use the links below... 1st! 
    • Motive Equipment Operator, Air-frame Mechanic, Investigator, auctioneer, and buyer.
    • Goes by LAND SEA & AIR as a rule of thumb. Motto = Do something!
    • Loves being busy after retirement on a 40 year career. IT, Statistics, FAC Eng & MGT.
  • Coffee Crew Show is creating News & REVIEW SHOWS as host COFFEE CREW 
    • Goes Non-Stop Live - See more at #NonStop on Facebook 
    • Note -Tags work all over the web! -Or Searches: Coffee Crew or Coffee Crew Show
Main Site Links to use are: Links to 100(s) of pages are available from these key links. 
Coffee Crew Show is also found on... 
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Twitch
  • Facebook (100(s) of pages and Groups) & Best Of Q -Search "Coffee Crew Show"
  • YouTube - Back up Channels (3) & Best Of Q - Search "Coffee Crew Show"

CONTACT Coffee Crew Show (CC & Team): [email protected]
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Do the math... Patriots If I had $545.17 Dollars each day for all I do I could be in more cities and more homes. More places that need an encouraging word. I am ready to travel and will do so. Thanks again for all you do. The 1st thing I learned form a Q decode was "Do The Best You Can Do!" and I'm sticking to it.

#WWG1WGA USA #DoItQ #LearnTheComs #TrustThePan
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