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About Coffee Lovers Radio

Welcome to the Coffee Lovers Patreon!

Have you ever wondered about coffee culture and why people are so into coffee? Perhaps a question about making better coffee at home? Maybe you have felt unsure “how” to order coffee the right way?

We are Joseph Robertson and Jesse Nelson, co-creators of Coffee Lovers Radio and we’re so excited to talk about the wacky world of coffee! Joseph publishes Extracted Magazine and Coffee Lovers TV, and Jesse is the founder of  Conduit Coffee Company in Seattle. Together, we’re going to have a great time sharing our unique perspectives on the renaissance in coffee and the communities supported by this amazing cup.

Each Coffee Lovers Radio episode, we dive into a topic that interests us and hopefully interests you. We want to engage you in our exploration of coffee brewing, origins, interviews, equipment, and exciting trends. “Coffee” is a gigantic world of interesting people and we encourage you to follow us as we share and learn ourselves.

The show is free to listen, but we encourage our audience to subscribe to our Patreon campaign to receive extended notes and brew guides, the Third Crack aftershow, private Livestream, or even receive a regular bag of Conduit beans!

Come brew with us!
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