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About Coffee Table Typography

A love for words, letters, language—and coffee.

Coffee Table Typography is a highly curated newsletter with a summary of the most interesting resources, articles and knowledge sharing about the beauty of typography; in design, on the web, or books.

More than just dumping links on an email and hoping you'll open them, CTT only goes out every 2/3 weeks so I can find the time to write a summary about each one; so you don't even have to save the articles if you're happy with just the tl;dr.

50 issues have already been released as of April 2018, and I've reached a point where I'd love to take my love for typography even further. But I need your support.

(What's with the coffee, then? Well, there's always a section about this loving beverage, too ☕️. Nothing goes better with typography than coffee.)

But this is where I need your help.

Coffee Table Typography
grew to become a content-packed piece of email, and it takes oh-so-many-hours of my full-time working week to have it delivered. While it features no ads, there's time and maintenance costs to keep this going, so please consider supporting it so it can still deliver quality summaries of what's going on with typefaces, languages, words, books, Web design.

Check out all the issues so far, delivered to more than 700 subscribers as of now.

Do I need to be into typefaces to love this?

Not at all, in fact I'd argue a good portion of my subscribers don't deal with typefaces directly very regularly. I try to cater to all topics around type: languages, words, history of alphabets, books, web design, font loading on the web... as I usually say, for the love of words.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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