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is creating open licensed media & web tools for educators (blogging it too)

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About Alan Levine

Several colleagues and friends have suggested setting my tin cup up here... Since the early 1990s I have been creating web-based tools, resources, and media for educators and giving it all away. Why? Because nearly everything I learned in programming, art, creativity came from the things others have shared online. Seems natural to give back.

August 2012 was my last regular paycheck. After 20 years of working for institutions I decided to see if I could cover my living costs doing as what I describe myself as an "itinerant web geek." I still do a lot of web building, designing, tool making in my own interests, on my own time, not making a direct dime. 

"Like what?"

I'm not looking to live off of this stream, but if any of this stuff has/does/might have value, I appreciate any coins tossed into my cup. What it can provide is more time to tinker, build, share, write blog posts.

I deeply care about preserving the virtues of the open web that have helped me; several of my projects are about saving our stuff from the companies we trust with our content that discard them. I work much in trying to convince people to take ownership of their digital presence over selling their data to services sold as free.

I'm not setting up any rewards level here beyond the "Effusive Thanks For Anything" one- I'd rather put my time into my work than doling out trinkets. I'll listen especially to ideas, requests, suggestions for projects from anyone who puts into the cup.

Also, if you prefer to do a one time donation I have a Paypal tip jar over there.

Thanks from Alan and Felix!
$205.77 of $1,500 per month
Good gravy, I am totally guessing. I'd say this will allow me to devote 1/3 of my time to doing independent projects.
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