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Cognitect Labs is Cognitect Inc.'s library and developer tools effort. While most of our work is open source, we are exploring a more sustainable approach to developing REBL.

REBL is a graphical, interactive tool for browsing Clojure data that we made for our Datomic customers. REBL is free to use for open source and hobby projects. Your Patreon subscription lets you use it at work.(*)

REBL already has a number of great features:

  • a two-pane browser/viewer system for viewing collections and their contents
  • navigation into and back out of nested collections
  • a structured editor pane for entering expressions to be evaluated
  • a root browse of a history of expression evaluations
  • the ability to 'wrap' a stdio based REPL (e.g. Clojure's native REPL) so that it can monitor and display the interactions therein, while still allowing them to flow back to the host (e.g. the editor)
  • when used with non-stdio repls (e.g. nREPL), can be launched a la carte and accepts values to inspect via an API call
  • the ability to capture nested values as defs in the user namespace
  • the ability to run multiple independent UI windows
  • metadata viewing
  • datafy support
  • extensibility to new browsers and viewers
  • full keyboard control via hotkeys

We hope to enhance REBL in many ways, especially to encourage its use by newcomers to Clojure. Help us grow REBL and in turn grow the Clojure community with your support for the development effort.


(*) Datomic customers: you do not need to subscribe to Patreon to use REBL at work
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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