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About The Cognitive Merchant

Welcome Adventurers!
You have found our magical Patreon page. This is the place where YOU create the magical essence that goes into forging our fantasy items.

Who we are
We are just two geeks that fell in love with each other as well as the world of fantasy and D&D. We are lucky enough to get to play 5th ed D&D once a week with a great DM and cool people. We love to cosplay as comic book and fantasy characters and get to go to a few events in the UK. We are also both performers, Greebow (Jay) is a Compere (gobshite that he is) and Thia (Bea) is a Fire and Freakshow performer. But above all, we both just love to get creative and make awesome and useful items for our D&D and LARPing community.

What we do
It all started about 2 years ago, when folks we were gaming with, asked Greebow if he would paint their character minis for them. Then a short time later, one of the gamers Player's Handbook just fell apart, Thia offered to try and fix it and ended up turning it into a leather bound, personalized book. Since then, we have gone on to rebind and recover many gaming books, designed and created leather dice bags, made soft and solid LARPing armour, and designed our own amazing 'All in One DM Kits'. Everything we make is tailor made to the individual, created to the highest possible quality we can and from the very best of materials.

Why we need your awesome self?
Being performers (one of us disabled) we don't have much of an income. We work from a tiny, one bedroom flat, with the most basic of tools. If anything goes wrong, such as tools break or a project goes wrong, we would be extremely hard pressed to replace it. This also means it's hard to experiment on new products or expand our operation. This is where YOU become our life sustaining health potion.

What will your money be used for?

Short term goals
  • New leather working tools
  • Wider range of materials
  • Website upkeep
  • Advertising
  • Better filming equipment (Why? See rewards section)
  • Getting to gaming and cosplay events (Including having merchandise stalls)
Long term goals
  • Leather sewing machine
  • Leather cutting dies & press (cuts out a set pattern in one go!)
  • Larger premises
  • Cognitive Merchant Mobile (large car or van)
  • D&D studio lair (see rewards section) (P.S. has to include a DRAGON!!!)
  • Another member of the team

What's in it for you?
Rewards will depend on level of contribution but every single one, of our magical patrons, will get access to our patron only feed. This will contain many of our crazy adventures, with our geeky community and while making our products. Videos, photos and blog posts etc.

At higher tiers of support, rewards will range from:
  • live Q&A sessions
  • very exclusive discounts
  • signed photos of our cosplay shoots
  • tutorial videos
  • access to Top Secret experimental projects
  • chances to buy new products way before general release
  • exclusive access to prototypes
  • recorded or live viewings of our D&D sessions
  • access to fun competitions
  • and much more...

Our thanks
We want to give you a big Thank You for even taking the time to read this. We would be delighted to have your support and to take you on our wild, fantasy adventures. So come on, donate a little magic and teleport yourself into our realm.

~Greebow and Thia
$0 of $50 per month
When we reach $50 per month, we will be able to replace some of our simpler leather working tools. This will insure the quality of our creations and give us a little breathing room if any break or wear down.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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