The Cognitive Merchant is creating tabletop gaming aids and fantasy costume armour

Tier I - Wyrmling

$3 /mo
  • Access to patron-only content
  • Sneak peek photos of upcoming releases
  • Patron-only polls

Tier II - Young Dragon

$7 /mo
  • Process/behind-the-scenes photos and videos, including those of projects we are doing for well known gamers with their own shows
  • High quality digital photos of Greebow and Thia
  • Plus all previous rewards

Tier III - Adult Dragon

$12 /mo
  • Monthly patron-only livestream/Q&A sessions
  • Signed digital poster
  • Chances to buy new products way before general release
  • Access to fun competitions
  • Plus all previous rewards

Tier IV - Ancient Dragon

$25 /mo
  • Access to Top Secret experimental projects
  • Access to recorded D&D games
  • Personalised 'Thank You' video message
  • Tutorial videos
  • Plus all previous rewards

Tier V - Great Wyrm

$50 /mo
  • 1:1 Q&A Skype sessions
  • Join in bi-monthly D&D games with Greebow and Thia
  • Exclusive access to buy prototypes of new products at a very reduced rate
  • very excl...