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Cold Fusion Now! broadcasts the voices of scientists and researchers in condensed matter nuclear science, where atomic power from water is a potentially revolutionary new source of energy.  The LENR reaction uses no radioactive materials, creates no radioactive waste, and produces no CO2.  Yet understanding the science behind these nano-nuclear reactions remains a barrier to developing a technology. 

Cold Fusion Now! podcast episodes survey researchers and technologists to determine the current state of understanding in cold fusion/LENR. 

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As many of you know, I've been creating educational materials and art around cold fusion science for many years. This has allowed me to meet and work with many of the most influential scientists in the field. The podcast will share the latest breaking news in this exciting area of research.

If you find the podcast valuable, please consider making a pledge. If I reach a $300 a month goal by April 26, 2019 this will allow me to feel confident that my work is of value to you, and you'll know you're supporting some of the most important research on this planet, an as-yet-unknown atomic reaction, a slow fusion, that promises a solution to our energy needs and a green technological future.

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