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In short: you are funding work that will eventually be accessible to all. Work that wouldn't have existed without your patronage. I think that's rad.
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I'm currently on tour around North America, and I love strange/interesting/random postcards. I also like having the excuse to send them to people.

So! Anyone who contributes $10 or more will receive a handwritten postcard from me, from wherever I happen to be at the moment.

• I will send the postcard anywhere in the world.

• You'll need to be paying $10 or higher on the 5th of the month, when Patreon payments go through, to receive this tier (if you miss the payment period in a given month, I'll send you one the next month).

• You'll need to provide you address so I know where to send the postcard.

• If you'd like to contribute at this level but are not interested in receiving a postcard, that's okay :)

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About Colin Wright

Howdy! I'm Colin Wright.

I write books (both fiction and nonfiction).

I have a news analysis podcast called Let's Know Things.

I blog at Exile Lifestyle.

speak at conferences and schools and such, and I'm currently on a speaking tour around North America.

This Patreon is for folks who want to support my work, in general: I have a separate page for folks who are primarily interested in supporting my podcast.

Contributing at any level will net you early access to an exclusive essay each month, which I publish here at least a month before I publish it anywhere else.

I also have a special tier available while I'm on tour ($10/month): anyone contributing at this level will receive a handwritten postcard from me each month, from wherever I'm at on my tour (I love random/interesting/strange postcards, and having the excuse to send them to people).

I make my full-time living from my creative work, and I'm incredibly fortunate to be able to say that. And I'm able to do that because of you—I truly appreciate your support and contribution.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions, or just want to say hello :)

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