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If you pledge $10 dollars a month for a year, I will mail you an original, hand-painted 6" x 8" piece of flash.
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If you pledge $25 a month for a year, I will credit you with 3 hours of actual tattoo time with me, to be done at whatever shop I am at at the time. Whatever piece we do is of your choosing, just like it works at any ole tattoo shop.




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About Colin O'Shaughnessy Tucker

Hey Everyone,
My name is Colin and I'm a tattoo apprentice living on the Central Coast of California, USA. As an apprentice, I work for free, and could use some help acquiring equipment and making ends meet while I make my way towards becoming a professional tattoo artist. My specialty is dark and folky traditional work, and I'd love to share this passion with you, be it through prints, original art, or actual tattoo time with me.

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