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Dedicated To Those That Question Societies Norms

At the end of 2017, something changed in my life. As if a light switch turned on in my head, I began to question everything. Folks, we are living in interesting times. Many truth seekers are questioning the foods we eat, water we drink, news we listen to, air we breath, products we buy, places we go, terms and agreements we sign and systems we pledge allegiance to. Are generations being educated or indoctrinated? Are there hidden agendas disguised as traditional values? "In God We Trust", which God does the government serve? Connect with me Avocado Joy, on Collective Awakening Tree podcast, as I speak and include others who are becoming aware of many topics that are uplifting, eye opening, challenging, uncomfortable and considered taboo. These concerns I hope, will evoke stronger feelings that our world could be so much better, instead of living or surviving, we could be thriving! Like tree roots under our feet, everything is connected.

About Avocado Joy

Collective Awakening Tree was created as a space to connect with people, that've begun lifting their own personal veil. In early 2018, I started my whole foods plant based diet and minimalist journey. I had no idea that slowly, those changes would stir my soul and ignite a passion within me, to begin questioning EVERYTHINGFollow me on Instagram @ avocado_joy to learn more about me and the collective that's awakening, weekly podcast updates will be posted as well. 

Let's Grow This Awakening Tree

Feel like you have valuable information to share, can it grow this collective awakening? Or would you like to share your personal awakening story, on why you too began to question the norms of society, you could be featured on an episode with me, Avocado Joy. Become a Patreon and email the podcast at, [email protected] Your feedback about this podcast is very important, thank you!

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  • Every Sunday, 9pm EST

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