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Collin Maessen is creating Videos and articles about environmental science

Thank you & adblock absolution

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When I thank my Patreon Patrons, that's you. You'll also get access to the patron-only activity feed with regular updates on what I'm working on and little peaks into upcoming projects.


Twice the help

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There isn't any other advantage to this perk level, just two times the help, with only one dollar more. This allows me to work on more content and you'll get twice the appreciation from me.

Exclusive Patreon Content

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You'll get to see behind-the-scenes pictures, science factoids, and other goodies not available on the regular feed.

  • Patron only activity-feed
  • Adblock Absolution

Wall of Thanks

$5 /mo
Your name, or preferred handle, listed on the Wall of Thanks on until the end of your contribution, or the heat death of the universe. Whichever comes first. Every Patreon supported...

Sneak Peaks

$10 /mo
You get to see previews of projects I'm working on. If you derive immense satisfaction from spoilers and pointing out the mistakes I make, this is the reward for you.


Patreon Only Podcast

$15 /mo
Once per month I answer your questions in a podcast. You can ask me anything about science, how I make my videos and articles, and anything else you're wondering about.

At least 5 people n...

Unique Avatar

$35 /mo
Want an avatar in the same style as mine? At this level you can send in your picture and I'll draw a unique avatar for you in this style. Now you can show your support for me through this recogniza...

Your Name in the Video Description

$50 /mo
Your name will appear in a list underneath the 'More Info' section for the next video release. You won't be mentioned in videos that aren't supported through patreon like teasers or trailers.

Community Representative

$250 /mo
Now you have a direct line to me to raise anything that you see as a concern for the community. Feedback you send in can be discussed with the Community Ambassadors in each quarterly meeting to dec...

Community Ambassador

$500 /mo
For as long as you are a Patron at this level you'll represent the community as Community Ambassador. At this level you're invited to the quarterly meeting to discuss direction and projects. There'...