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Every level is a feel-good awesome deed.  You will be contributing to the arts, supporting an artist directly, and actively enabling more beauty to enter into the world!  Indeed your support alone is a beautiful thing.

You deserve some perks!


  • A shout out on social media of thanks, naming you a Patron & Supporter of the Arts
  • Automatic entry to giveaways
  • Notifications when new art prints become available or when new merch becomes available 
  • You also get to become my market research team and provide your input  on what I do next!  I will ask for your ideas, poll future artworks, help choose new merch, get your feedback. 
  • Basically - be a part of my tribe who I turn to for support! 
Rusty Blackbird
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At the $6 level the perks come in the mail and things really start to get interesting! 

Firstly,  you get everything the Black-capped Chickadees get! (Shoutout, automatic entries to giveaways, new art print and merch notifications, team tribe membership)



  • 3 Free perfectly frameable 5 inch by 7 inch Postcards mailed to you in the FIRST month of your pledge
  • And when I design a NEW (perfectly frameable) 5 inch by 7 inch postcard you will receive one or more free! 
  • You also get access to the Patreon-Only "Behind the Scenes" posts from me. These are things you will NOT see on Facebook or Instagram or anywhere else. Basically you'll get to see a lot more stuff from me encompassing my entire art practice and business including sneak peek work-in-progress photos & time lapse videos, additional projects in the early stages, videos, and whatever else has my attention on any given day. (Like my pond, for instance ;) ) 
Inky Crow
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At the $12 level you get everything included in the first two levels of patronage (Shoutout, automatic entries to giveaways, new art print and merch notifications, team tribe membership, free postcards, behind the scenes exclusives) but most importantly you get a  20% OFF discount on - where you will find creative goods inspired by my artwork. This discount is  good for as long as you are pledged as a Crow. (*excludes collaborative works, and original art).

I will contact you within a day or two of your sponsorship with the discount code and details.


Inky Crows get a special savings  opportunity of 35% off my Patreon Exclusive "Wild Blackbird's 2BN Nest Box" (subject to availability & must be pledged for min 1 month)




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Welcome to my Patreon page! My name is Col Mitchell (Like the Irish girl, not the colonel, but ah, I'm not actually Irish). I am a paper artist - I utilize the properties of paper to help me express the magic and mystery of nature. This is my own original technique. And if you join the Luminous Raven tier we can actually live chat about how that came to be. If you have not come across my work before take a moment to check out my website

I have joined Patreon to create a space for myself and for fans of my work to connect and interact in a way beyond that of existing social media. Patreon is where you will find exclusive content unavailable anywhere else (I love this aspect! as it opens up new ways and opportunities to be creative.), advance notifications and sneak previews, and greater visual accessibility to new works in progress. Depending on what patronage tier you subscribe to live virtual visits to the studio will be possible plus exclusive opportunities to purchase and reserve original art, newly created goods inspired by my art, and even collaborative works. Members will be able view original works in full before they debut to the public. Works-in-progress will be posted here FIRST. All starting at just four dollars a month. And when I design a new (perfectly frameable) 5 inch by 7 inch postcard designated tier members will receive one free!

This is the place for greater access, exclusive access, and advanced access to my studio life, to view new works planned and in progress, and opportunities to behold and hold (literally, in your hands) new treasures. We will be building together something with you and for you.

Please join me. Your support means the world to my practice, so you are the world to me.
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