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Hello there!

I am Yosuke Nakamura, a digital artist. Probably best known as a notorious jester on Thingiverse.

Long story short, what you get here is 3D files of my original digital sculptures. These 3D files are only for patrons’ personal enjoyment. Sharing, selling in any form is prohibited.

But what kind of sculptures? I really can't say for the moment. Let's find that out together over time. You can see plenty of past examples on my Thingiverse profile. Note that some of them are NSFW contents.

You will be charged up front upon becoming a patron but you will have immediate access to the posts.

Okay, the rest is a bit of my introduction.

I had been passionate especially about character animation since I discoverd computer animation. Good character animation requires natural looking, expressive actors. That's a primal reason why I had been putting a lot of efforts on digital modeling in those days. To improve animation.

However I also realized that it takes too much time to make animation for one-man production. I still love it and produce it occasionally because, even though it exsits only on the screen, it empowers me to create "life". What's more fascinating than that? But... not practical unfortunately.

Anyway I joined Thingiverse - 3D printing community a few years ago. I had already invested siginificant amount of time into digital sculpting. With a bit of confidence, I thought it's okay to share the work with people. Honestly I didn't expect much but users there were kind enough to give it a try. I was hooked because I found another way to make the characters alive.

My primary goal is always aesthetic achievement. If we have artistic tastes in common, join me! If you have any ideas and suggestions for things you want to see, share with me. I am here to make it real!
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The sculptures will be released in a similar manner to the way I used to post on Thingiverse. This is the only option for now to keep things simple.

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