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ColrBlnd is a brother and sister team creating ADULT, furry games, comics, and art that explore life and stuff.  View our games and comics: here

Oh, wait... are we supposed to use this box to tell you about us or thank you for being a patron?  Why is this form so vague?

Let's read that again... "Paint a compelling picture of how people can join you on this epic journey." 

Uhh, become a patron, send money, and eat toast!

Please AND thank you.

WARNING: works by ColrBlnd contain adult content. In other words, don't read our stuff unless you're legally allowed to view mature, adult content in your country. Thx
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You're basic, but we love you  <3

You get a vote in our polls!  We regularly let our community pick the plot for our next game or comic chapter.  Join now and rock the vote :3

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Hey friend, you're on our list!

You're allowed Early Access to our games.  That means you can help us fix... errr, perfect... our releases before they go live  ^.^

Also, you get to vote in community events!

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You get everything from the Friend tier and more.  Think of it as friends with benefits  :3

You'll receive access to Patron-Only games and be entered into our drawings to have your character appear in an upcoming game!

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You're not just a friend with benefits, you're one of our best!  :3

Receive access to the artists.  Email and even chat with them whenever they're online.  

You'll also get listed as one of our sponsors on future publications of games and comic chapters.  We'll even watch your pets!  ^^

Soulmates Sector
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You get us, you really do!  That's why we let you be part of the creative process.  Receive special, in-progress images from our comics and games.  Chat with the artist online, whenever they're available.

Help make the games!  Provide suggestions for stories and game design that will go into future releases.  Your name will even appear in the credits!

We'll even give you our mobile number so you can text us (and we can annoy you), anytime.

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Very Important Patron!

Wow, we can't thank you enough.  Seriously!  

You get everything from the other tiers and something even more special... you can be in the games and comics!  Work with our artists to have your character appear in a future release.

In addition, you can get private art, writing, or programming lessons from our team every month.  Ask for more details :3 

Also, we can totally play a game of Apex Legends together!  Just a warning: we suck!

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What do people do when they reach goals on Patreon?  Uhh... we'll do a dance?  Nah, no one wants to see that.  We'll put out special art?   But, we do that every week.  Maybe we'll make Duzt do a Q&A with no limits.  Yeah, that sounds like fun.  Good thing he's not here to say no  ^.^
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