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Kendra Dobson

Creating a Video Game

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Welcome to the Private District. You have been rejected from The Public and fitted with a mechanical upgrade to improve upon your nature. Your flaws have been recorded and submitted by The Public District who have rejected you. By donating $1 per month, you will earn enough Trust to be called an official Public District Citizen. This means you will receive 1 comp ticket to any performance produced by 3240 Entertainment Group LLC.  

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It costs you $5 any time you go out to an audition. Travel, food, etc. You're lucky you have a discount chip to reduce your expenses to $5. In time, your efforts will amount to a starring role. But for now, thank goodness for your discount chip! This discount chip will get you 10% off any product by 3240 Entertainment Group LLC.

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Congratulations! You made it! You have yourself a starring role in CoShow. Now that you're a part of the show, you should invite your friends to come and see you perform! But remember, you must pay your dues. Paying $10 a month will secure you 2 comp tickets a month. You can save these tickets and use them for any performances produced by 3240 Entertainment Group LLC.



About Kendra Dobson

You may have found yourself here after completing Publizenego. Congratulations on completing Castor's request.  You have successfully created a picture of Columbus, and have deleted that image causing the real Columbus to collapse into nothingness. But wait! Are you sure you deleted every picture of Columbus in existence? Well, you completed the mission Castor set for you. Anything else is Castor's problem. Watch White Rabbit to see what happens next in Columbus Myth.

Donate to to support the making of Publizenego, the video game.

In a futuristic existence where "trust" is captured and used as currency, and live entertainment is the only distraction after the abolishment of film and video, a reluctant anti-hero, and heir to a throne of powerful persuasion decides to shirk all responsibility he has to his father, and the district he was groomed to run as ringmaster.

By Kendra Dobson (3240 Entertainment Group, LLC)
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3240 Entertainment LLC aims to gain 300 patrons in this Patreon community. These 300 patrons will receive updates on the latest that 3240 Entertainment has to offer. 

Your donations will go towards paying the talented Audio Director, Art/Animation Director, Technical Director, and Narrative Designer for the video game, Publizenego.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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