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Going beyond the call of a reader is a big deal to me and I'd like to thank any patron who has decided to support me financially by including them in all Patreon updates.

These updates will include colored journal comics, sketches, roughs, linework, insights, and more. You can pledge more than a dollar if you'd like; your dedication to my work is truly the factor I appreciate most!



About Comicmess (Cory Allan)

Hi there! My name is Cory Allan, but you can just call me Allan.

Ever since I was 4, I've been drawing. Once I learned about webcomics in the 7th grade, I was hooked—free online content, cool websites, interesting people, and great communities—I've been swimming in the scene ever since.

I've printed books using Kickstarter as a platform, I've drawn 300+ comics in a single month, I've nurtured online communities with forums, games, and chat rooms. I've done this for the majority of my life because I love it; nothing is quite as satisfying to me as spawning a universe with a single comic page, and the scope is one that I can manage independently.

Nowadays, I've graduated college and gotten a job at a tech company in Silicon Valley. But my passion is still creating. Producing. Sharing. I know that if I'm passionate about something, there will be others who are passionate about it, too. We all have a unique perspective of the world—subtly unique, perhaps, but unique nonetheless—and I feel like it is my duty to share it. It's what I love.

If you choose to support me as a Patron, you are going far and beyond the call of duty as a reader. You're supporting the life of an artist who is dedicated to creation. There may be peaks, there may be valleys, but if I've learned anything in my life, it's that if it's true, it comes back. And I'm glad to be back.

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