The Comics & More Show is creating a Podcast

Hey True Believer!

$1 /mo
 You'll have access to our Patron Only Activity Feed, with secret posts from us. We'll be sharing photos, extra videos, and commentary about the show. You'll also have our undying gratitude! 

On The Wall!

$2 /mo
You get a special shout out on for being a Patron, updated monthly, as well as access to the Patron Only Activity Feed, and, of course, our undying gratitude!

Hang With Us!

$3 /mo
You'll get early access to our show plans, schedule, along with all of the above. Plus, we'll also have a monthly Google Hangout with Patrons at this reward level.

Monthly Charity T-Shirt & Comics and More Club Membership

$8 /mo
Every month we'll be asking some of our favorite comic book artists to design T-shirts for charity on!

So along with everything above, we will give you one of the chari...


Executive Producer!

$25 /mo
All of the above, and we'll give you an Executive Producer credit and access to the hosts and You pick our topic of discussion once a month!  (credit added after first month) 


$100 /mo
Let us know what you want to promote, and let's talk about cool and interesting ways to do it!