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I am a 30 year veteran of the comics industry as editor, journalist, consultant, creator, reader, activist and fan. I love all good comics around the world and do whatever I can to get more of them out there.


New York, NY, USA

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A message from Heidi MacDonald, editor-in-chief of The Beat:

This is a crucial time for the comics medium in America and around the world. With the advent of digital comics, tablet readers, graphic novels, and blockbuster movies, comics culture is increasingly influential in broader pop culture. And it isn’t just in the US, Japan or Europe: emerging comics scenes are blossoming in India, Eastern Europe and everywhere.

For ten years the Beat has been covering these developments, with perspective, impartiality and maybe some humor here and there. But in those ten years everything about the way that the web works has changed. And the world of comics, as mentioned, has expanded exponentially.

That’s why I’m going direct to you to help support independent, open minded and forward looking comics journalism. In the time I’ve been doing the Beat I’ve been advertising supported, but that model no longer works because as sites full of ways to lose belly fat, top ten Kim Kardashian butt shots and trumped up gossip get more and more traffic, the only way to compete is to go the same way.

And I'm not going to do that. The Beat is going stay focused, fresh and smart.

In addition, I’m in constant danger of losing my AdSense revenue due to Goggle’s mercurial and inflexible content rules. I’ve been suspended from AdSense for posting images that Google itself puts in Safe Search—one image that was flagged was the poster for a major motion picture released by a major studio. AdSense has long been the “micropayment” system that keeps original content on the web afloat but it is no longer safe or profitable. Without AdSense even if a post goes “viral” I won’t benefit or profit from it. There has to be a better way.

And I hope this is it. Your Patreon pledge will enable The Beat to stay independent and to expand its coverage into other areas and hire writers at fair rates. One of the thing I’m most proud of in my career is my eye for talent, and former Beat writers are now running their own sites, getting nominated for awards and creating acclaimed comics. I want to continue this idea of an incubator and expand it with more features and more rewards for them. And I can only do it with you, people who care about comics of the past present and future.

By supporting the Beat you support a forward looking, diverse take on comics, comics convention, animation, collectibles, filmed entertainment, digital, and the amazing hybrid mediums that are just now being invented that will change the way we look at entertainment in the future.

I invite you to come along. The future looks great and The Beat is going to give you a balcony seat for the revolution.

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