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You have joined the ranks of our Precious Patrons of Pulp Pamphlet Parley! Your noble name will be emblazoned on our Patron page.
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Plucky Patron of Pulp Pamphlet Parlay
In addition to your noble name emblazoned on the website, we’ll thank and welcome you on the next show to air after you join up.
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Punning Patron of Pulp Pamphlet Parlay
In addition to every perk of the previous patronage platforms, Chriss will read off what YOU'RE looking forward to next during the forecasts segment of the podcast. The plan is that each time we squee-cord, you'll will get a notice via Patreon to submit what reads or sequential art goodies you're looking forward to next.




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About Comics Squee

The squees. The tentacles. The tangents. The pun and innuendo jars.

They're all for you, our lovely listeners.

We have a lot of fun bringing the Comics Squee podcast to you, recommending the comics and graphic novels we enjoy. That's why the cost of web hosting, media hosting, pizza runs, and recording equipment, the Hours of audio editing time and writing of show notes, it all comes out of our personal budgets and schedules.


Our goal is to make the show wholely listener supported, so we never need saddle you with sponsor spiels or annoying ads to keep the Squee going.

So we've turned to the wonderful tool of Patreon. Now you, our lovely listeners, can drop some nickels in the tip jar. Make the daring leap from Listener to Precious Patron of Pulp Pamphlet Parley*!


It's like the love child of Kickstarter and an NPR pledge drive. See a snappy video here >

You choose how many nickels your budget can accommodate. You set-up how you prefer to be billed; PayPal, debit, etc. Each month Patreon tips those nickles into Comics Squee's jar for you.

Patronship starts at the low, friendly $1 level. But the system's flexible, so you can set your sponsorship level as high as your generosity fancies. Like any pledge drive, there are different 'thank you' rewards; from your name on our Patron page, to an appearance on the podcast.

We also have 'Goals' like on Kickstarter. Where we can set milestone targets. Like, if we get a certain level of monthly patronage we'll buy a pie and make pi puns to thank our Precious Patrons of Pulp Pamphlet Parley.

NOTE: Patreon does NOT store any of your financial information, so it's pleasantly secure.


We'll continue putting out 2 issues of the Comics Squee podcast each month for the wonderful price of free. But now we'll have Precious Patrons of Pulp Pamphlet Parley helping with our costs and thanking us for our hard work with their hard earned coin.

And certain milestones of patronage will allow us to make improvements to audio quality and such, improving the podcast we all love.

So take the plunge, become a Precious Patron of Pump Pamphlet Parley*. Show us the love so we can squee on for your comics loving amusement.

* We posed the question to you of what delightful alliterative appellation to use for our listener patrons. And you suggested: "Podcast Paladins", "Precocious Plucky Patrons", "Persevering Patrons", "Pleasant patrons", "positively pleasurable patrons", and - disturbingly - "Palatable" and "Patent Leather". But regular guest Alex de Campi's wonderfully wordy suggestion won out.

$4.59 of $10 per month
Thanks for showing the love with cold cash in the tip jar, oh Precious Patrons of Pulp Pamphlet Parlay. :) The squees, tangents, and tentacles. They’re all for you, lovely listeners.
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