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All of the Eligible Monster Productions Projects & Podcasts are under this tier.

Videos from Comicstorian & Tales of Earth 3 Days Before Youtube Launches

-Complete Stories


-Tales of Earth 

Podcasts  & Discussions from all 3 Channels Unedited and Ad Free!

-Comic Experiment

-Conspiracy Cast

-3 Beers & A Topic

-Comicstorian Weekly

-CTV, Movies and Shows

Audio and Video for All Projects!

EM Army BTS & Exclusive Member!
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- BTS Vids, We are filming a lot of the behind the scenes process and will be featuring it to this tier on a weekly basis, a week prior to it going up on Benny's personal channel. 

-Discord Patron Channel Access, Along with a schedule time for various members of the team to be in the chat to make it easier to find someone to chat with.

- ANY Exclusively Created Patreon Content.

--Mangastorian Content (Still Working On The Plan, But This is Where it'll Go)

 -Plus access to the previous tiers 

Includes Discord rewards
EM Army Q&A Member!
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-Weekly we'll be asking you guys a question to see your responses on a particular topic.

-You can also send questions directly to us weekly to be answered on the No Title Yet show. No Title Yet will be live on Twitch & then upload with your answers here on Patreon, allowing you to ask us anything and get a weekly response, live for everyone to see. 

-Some of the best questions and answers to our questions will make it on our Comics Experiment show airing every Thursday on Twitch and every Saturday on YouTube.

-Plus access to the previous tiers

Includes Discord rewards



About Comicstorian & Eligible Monster

Eligible Monster Productions is the parent company for Eligible Monster Gaming, Comicstorian and Tales of Earth. This is the larger experience for all of our channels, early access, behind the scenes, fun pilot ideas that we try. I hope you guys enjoy.

Simply put, your support. For only a dollar you can get early access to everything we produce, or the unedited versions for the faster turn around projects. Eahc higher tier, we are providing you with different rewards. I have never wanted to have a project where we just ask for money, so we wanted to make this the full Comicstorian and Eligible Monster Membership service! Be a part of the creation process!

You pledge two dollar, we post the link to Patreon, if your notifications are turned on you'll get an email every time we post. You log into your account and enjoy all the content! If you join the discord tier we also post the link for the videos in there.
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At this point we are (in theory) able to upgrade our equipment to make more permanent sets and equipment. This will allow us to keep things on a better schedule, along with massively improve.
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