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Tyler James

the ComixLaunch Podcast: Crowdfunding for Creators

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  • A thank you on the ComixLaunch podcast and a quick shout-out for your latest project.
  • Access to the Club ComixLaunch exclusive Patreon feed for even more mindset, strategies and tactics, and an advanced look at future plans for the show.
  • The Club ComixLaunch Welcome package.




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About Tyler James

Hello, and welcome to Club ComixLaunch!

My name is Tyler James. I'm a writer, artist, game designer, publisher, teacher, and host of the ComixLaunch podcast, where I teach the mindset, strategies, and tactics creators like us use to successfully crowdfund comics, graphic novels and other creative projects. 

I've successfully managed nine campaigns that have collectively raised more than $220,000.00 in funding on the Kickstarter platform.

But more importantly, I've taught and coached hundreds of creators how to harness the power of crowdfunding to raise thousands of dollars to bring their own projects to life.

I do this through the weekly ComixLaunch Podcast which is available on iTunes and on the web at ComixLaunch.com, where I share the lessons I've learned from many successful campaigns, as well as those of some of the best minds in crowdfunding.

Here's a list of incredible creators who shared their wisdom and insight on ComixLaunch this past year:

I'm here on Patreon to announce the creation of Club ComixLaunch, an awesome new opportunity for our loyal listeners to show their support for ComixLaunch and for ComixLaunch to provide even more value to creators like you. 

Crowdfunding was a game changer for me...

In 2012, I launched my first Kickstarter in hopes bringing a hardcover graphic novel to life. The campaign was successfully funded, raising $26,000 on a $8,500 goal. I was thrilled!

But like so many first time creators, I would soon learn that funding does not equal success on Kickstarter... a campaign is only successful when every backer has received their rewards and you've taken your career to another level. 

I made mistakes during that first campaign that likely cost me thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours, and a whole lot of headaches. 

As they say, the only way you learn is by making mistakes....
But the mistakes don't all have to be your own. 

I've put the hard won lessons from that first campaign to good use, and in the years that followed, have successfully managed a wide variety of projects for myself and others. 

What's more, success on Kickstarter has been a catalyst to success for myself and my publishing imprint, ComixTribe, on other platforms, including Diamond Distribution, major comic book conventions, Comixology, Amazon, foreign licensing, and even attracting the interest of producers and studios in Hollywood. 

Realizing the direct and immediate impact successful Kickstarters can have on a creator's career is one of the reason I started the ComixLaunch podcast -- to share those lessons with other creators.

Are you ready to take your crowdfunding game to the next level?

Did you realize more than $49 million has been raised for comic book projects on the Kickstarter platform, and $2.2 billion has been raised overall? 

Still, almost half of all comics projects fail to meet their funding goals.

From our vary first episode, ComixLaunch has set out to change those numbers, and increase the number of creators who are equipped to take advantage of the incredible opportunities of crowdfunding, so that more amazing, independent work can be created. 

But is it working?

The success rate of Comic projects on Kickstarter was 49.95% on March 16, 2015, the day the first session of ComixLaunch was recorded. 

The success rate has risen to 51.32% as of August 1, 2016. 

During the same time period, the overall Kickstarter success rate has dropped from 38.02% down to 35.85%. 



I'm not so bold as to think we can take credit for that bump... but there are plenty of creators who have directly credited the ComixLaunch podcast as contributing to their success: 

"[ComixLaunch] has been an invaluable resource..."
- Daniel Bishop (Nevera Tales)

"I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Tyler's advice was what helped my first comics launch be successful..."
- Jim Whiting (Margo: Intergalactic Trash Collector)

"My campaign was successful because of ComixLaunch..."
- Josh Dahl (Rapid City)

"I have been following Tyler's advice for years... with two successful Kickstarter campaigns under my belt, raising over $17,000, I can honestly say that Tyler's advice has been the bible around which I planned my campaigns..."
- Russell Brettholtz (Sidekicks)

"Thanks to Tyler and his many guests, I've saved hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars, by taking their advice when it comes to publishing my comic..."
- James Haick (Solar Flare)

We're now opening Club ComixLaunch to help us continue and expand on the ComixLaunch mission, and add even more value for creators like you. 

Incredible Perks for Club ComixLaunch Members

In addition to keeping the ComixLaunch podcast going on a weekly basis, Club ComixLaunch members may also receive the following perks.

Get a shout out on the ComixLaunch podcast!

Each month, we'll give a special shout-out to all new Club ComixLaunch members and a quick plug for one of your projects to recognize you for supporting the show and to help you build awareness for your next launch.  

Access to the ComixLaunch Club exclusive Patreon feed! 

From time to time, Club exclusive content will be posted exclusively on Patreon. Get access to even more mindset, strategies, and tactics to get your projects funded.  

ComixLaunch Club VIP Insider Monthly Kickstarter Resource!

Each month, we'll create a bonus resource exclusively for VIP ComixLaunch Club Insiders. Above and beyond the content included in the podcast, these resources might take the form of:
  • A guide
  • A checklist
  • A cheat sheet
  • A template
  • A bonus training video
Regardless of the format, the monthly VIP resource will be designed specifically to help you launch. 

Access to the monthly VIP Insider resource starts at just the $4 a month pledge level... which is less than $1 per session of the ComixLaunch podcast! 

Sponsor an Episode

Want to sponsor an episode of the podcast, and get your message in front of hundreds of ComixLaunch listeners?

Sponsorships start at $70 per month which includes a featured sponsorship of two (2) episodes of the podcast, inclusion in the ComixLaunch weekly email, and the opportunity to craft an exclusive offer for the ComixLaunch audience. 

Connect with Fellow Creators

There's a proverb "Show me your friends and I'll show you your future..."

Building a support network of like-minded, serious, dedicated, and talented creators is one of the key pillars to a successful career. 

Joining Club ComixLaunch will get you a closer connection not only with Tyler James, but also some of the hardest working independent creators out there.  

Priority Placement and Discounts on ComixLaunch Courses, Books and Products

In addition to the free podcast, ComixLaunch is also building the best library of premium training resources for creators looking for advanced crowdfunding mastery.

Our flagship program,  The ComixLaunch Course, is the most in-depth, comprehensive Kickstarter training for comic book creators on the planet.

Enrollment only opens a few times a year, and seating is extremely limited. Not only will doors to the course open to Club ComixLaunch members first, but they'll also receive a special discount on the course. 

Discounts will also be available on future premium ComixLaunch resources to members of the Club ComixLaunch starting at the GOLD VIP Insider $10 per month level. 

As the Club Grows, So Do the Perks...

The great thing about Patreon is that there's a direct correlation between supporter growth and the value we can provide. 

Please feel free to cycle through our Patreon goals, to get a glimpse at what we'll be able to do and what new value we can provide our audience at various funding levels.

As the Club grows, we hope to offer:

  • Monthly Kickstarter Page Critiques
  • Club Exclusives Chats and Q&As
  • Bonus Sessions of the ComixLaunch Podcast
  • Full Podcast transcripts for every episode.
  • Maybe even a Club ComixLaunch exclusive Facebook group or forum.
As funding milestones are unlocked, new goals will be added over time... but every goal will relate to either better supporting the podcast or adding more value to the ComixLaunch community.

How Does Your Patronage Help the Show Continue?

While the ComixLaunch Podcast is and will always be free to everyone, it's important to understand that there are real costs to putting out a quality show.

  • Website Hosting & Domain Registry - $140.00 per year.
  • Libsyn Media Hosting - $240.00 per year.
  • Podcast Editing - $2,400.00 per year or more.

Even without any compensation for the 20-30 hours a month the ComixLaunch creators puts into each show, or any marketing budget to expand the shows reach, keeping the ComixLaunch Podcast going is at least a $225.00 a month investment. 

ComixLaunch Podcast: Monthly Recurring Expenses

Now, we truly believe that cost pales in comparison to the value it brings to the creator community. 

Personally, I get tremendous value out of making ComixLaunch, and the show is in no danger of going away, regardless of how many loyal listeners join Club ComixLaunch

But one of the hallmarks of ComixLaunch is that we try to model for creators everywhere how to successfully create the projects you love and are truly passionate about... and do it in a sustainable way.

For me, ComixLaunch is one such project.

Club ComixLaunch on Patreon will help sustain and improve the ComixLaunch Podcast, and you can help for as little as $1 a month.  

An Offer You Can't Refuse?

I will leave it to others to attach a precise dollar amount on the value of the ComixLaunch podcast. 

What I can tell you is that my many outstanding guests have shared strategies and tactics that they have used to successfully raise many millions of dollars in crowdfunding.

I can tell you that I've worked creators of all experience levels who have directly applied the ComixLaunch lessons to bring some amazing projects to life and take their careers to the next level.

Creators like:

When roughly half of all comic book Kickstarter fail, it's basically a coin flip.

With those odd, you may only need a sleight edge to come up heads instead of tales and succeed with your next campaign.

For as little as a buck a month, Club ComixLaunch can be your sleight edge. 

Choose your pledge level and reward tier, starting at just $1 a month.

And starting at just $4, the cost of a single comic book, and for less than $1 an episode, you'll get our ComixLaunch Club VIP Insider Monthly Resource. 

Pledges are simple to manage on Patreon.

Adjust your pledge level at any time.

For example, you can choose to sponsor a few episodes of the ComixLaunch podcast at the $70 level in the lead up to your next Kickstarter campaign, and then throttle back down to the $4 VIP level for the rest of the year after your campaign is funded. It's entirely up to you and always under your control. 

You may also cancel any time.

We'll be sad to see you go, but know we respect your decision, and that the ComixLaunch podcast will always be available for you as a resources for your continued professional development. 

And of course, we'll welcome you back with open arms when you decide to return in the future. 

Secure Membership Processing Through Stripe or Paypal.

Your monthly membership investment will be safely and securely processed through your choice of PayPal or Stripe, the same back-end credit and debit card processor that powers some of the biggest websites in the world, including Kickstarter. 

Try Out Club ComixLaunch for FREE...

As thanks for checking out our Patreon page, I'd like to invite you do download one of our Club ComixLaunch Insider VIP Resources absolutely free. 

Get the Kickstarter Update Guide: 19 Types of Updates That Add Excitement & Funding to Kickstarter Campaigns now!


I'll also send you some additional free resources that will give you a sense of what it's like behind the scenes at Club ComixLaunch to help you make an informed decision. 

Are You Ready to Join Today?

If you're ready to join Club ComixLaunch now, welcome to the Club! 

Here's how to join:

1.) Click the "Become a Patron" button at the top of the Patreon page at ComixLaunch.com/club

2.) Select your monthly members ship level. (VIP starts at just $4 a month.)

3.) Click "Continue."

4.) Add your Payment information. You can use your Paypal account or enter a credit or debit card securely through Stripe.

5.) Click "Confirm and Pledge."

6.) Congrats! It's official... You're in the Club!

7) Now that you're in, download your ComixLaunch Club Welcome Package. 

I look forward to working with you in the days, weeks, and years to come...

Let's get you ready for your best launch yet! 


Tyler James

$32.19 of $57 per month

Talk about progress! 

Thanks to Club ComixLaunch patrons, 25% of ComixLaunch's monthly recurring expenses are now covered. 

That's one full episode of the ComixLaunch Podcast on iTunes and  ComixLaunch.com each month that is completely supported by YOU.
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