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You're contributing to the use of non-violent solutions in Baltimore! You'll be listed as a Patreon supporter on our website (if you like - if you'd prefer to be anonymous, that's fine too).


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You're supporting the use of non-violent solutions in Baltimore! We'll send you a personal thank-you email, and you'll be listed as a Patreon supporter on our website (if you like - if you'd prefer to be anonymous, that's fine too).

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About Baltimore Community Mediation Center

Community Mediation is a nonprofit community group that offers free mediation services and conflict management training, and promotes the use of non-violent approaches to conflict, throughout the city of Baltimore, MD.  From our home of more than twenty years in the heart of the Waverly neighborhood, our mediation services help to bring communities together by supporting them in making conversations more inclusive and conflicts more productive - helping everyone to make plans that respect what is most important to them.

Mediators can help with a wide variety of conflicts and difficult conversations. Community mediators can:
  • help neighbors resolve disputes over everyday frictions like noise and parking
  • facilitate conversations between community members and the police officers against whom they have filed compaints
  • work with schools and families to talk through challenges contributing to students' absenteeism and lateness
  • support individuals who will soon be returning from prison to make plans with their friends and families for life after their release
  • divert misdemeanor cases from the courts into collaborative problem-solving
  • help parents talk through how they will raise their children after an estrangement, separation, or divorce

Your monthly contribution will help us continue to provide these crucial services at no cost to whoever might benefit from them. From the beginning of July 2015 through the end of June 2016, we held 572 mediation sessions, involving 530 people - an average of 47 sessions with 44 participants each month. Making this happens involves the work of many dedicated volunteers, AmeriCorps members, and staff who provide information on mediation to their communities, reach out to people in conflict, coordinate cases, and mediate cases. It also requires a network of partnerships with community partners who let us use their spaces to conduct mediations and help us to spread the word about non-violent conflict resolution. Your contribution helps us purchase materials for use in mediations, pay our staff, provide AmeriCorps stipends, and reward our volunteers with learning opportunities and the occasional potluck to relax.

To learn more about us and our work, watch this space, check us out on Facebook or Twitter, or visit our website: You can also give us a call at 410-467-9165. If you're in Waverly, you can stop by our office at 3333 Greenmount - we're the green awning in the building with the murals right above 33rd. We'd love to talk with you!
$18.77 of $100 per month
This level of support would allow us to pay a stipend to youth mediators who work with us. Every mediator trained by our program goes through the same training and apprenticeship - regardless of their age. And we'd like to be able to encourage more young people to help provide non-violent solutions in Baltimore by giving them a little support in return for the support they're providing us, and the future of their city.
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