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About Community Signal

Community Signal serves community professionals, not the companies that serve our industry.

When I started Community Signal, I wanted to create a program that not only had great content, but also high production quality and integrity. Integrity is what I'd like to talk about here on Patreon.

Why We Regularly Turn Away Sponsorship Money
What gives Community Signal integrity is independence. We create the show we want to create, and no one can change that. Not guests and certainly not sponsors. This stance has cost us several thousand dollars in sponsorships. Here are actual questions I've received from potential sponsors:

  • Can we know in advance who your guests will be?
  • Can we know in advance what topics you'll discuss?
  • Can you align episodes with our interests?
  • Can we be on your show if we sponsor?
  • Can we place guests or clients on your show?
  • Can we blacklist people that work at competitors from appearing on your show?

The answer to all of these is no. Our sponsorship page has an entire section dedicated to sponsorship integrity that has probably scared away some sponsors. Some industry resources may be able to accept those terms, but we cannot.

Freedom and Independence = Highest Quality Show
My priority is our listeners and we've had some wonderful sponsors who understood the importance of that. We do sponsorships tastefully: No more than 2 sponsors per episode taking up around 1 minute and 20 seconds of total show time. I believe that our show creates great value for sponsors and the reason it creates that value is because it is independent and has integrity. The freedom that we demand from sponsors allows us to serve listeners in the best way possible.

Community Signal costs money to produce. More than $6,000 per year, running on a lean budget, paying my producer, transcriber and essential services. I'd like to grow the show, to pay my people more, and for the show to be sustainable for me to host. For those reasons, though necessary, turning down these sponsorships has been difficult.

That's the motivation behind this Patreon campaign. Since listeners are our focus, we would love for listeners to support the show's future, and receive perks for doing so. This is a business show and the information shared on it has real value. We help people grow in their careers, which leads to higher salaries. We help professionals create better community for the companies where they work, leading to better customer relationships, higher retention and increased revenue. We feature guests you may have heard of, and we amplify voices that you haven't. If you've benefited from our program, or if you believe that a well-produced, independent podcast is important for this industry, we would be so grateful to have your support.

This isn't a charity, and we've come up with some fun rewards. Have ideas for other things we could offer? Please email me with any suggestions. We would be so grateful to have your support.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 112 exclusive posts
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