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Regular practice of listening to spontaneous Russian speech. Made easy to understand due to comprehensible input. 

Zero beginners & beginners.
Zero beginners will get a lot of new vocabulary every time but will cope with it due to comprehensible input and rewatching the recordings. Beginners will enrich their vocabulary and build up audial image and understanding of the language logic.

How interactive are the lectures?
Slightly interactive.
I speak practically all the time. However, you are free to ask questions before or after lectures speaking either in Russian or in English.

How is comprehensible input provided?

- I speak Russian all the time, drawing, using gestures, illustrations, maps, sharing the screen - anything to make myself understood without translation.
- I speak slowly and clearly, adjusting to beginners’ level.
- No English from me. English is limited to about 5% of the time.
- No grammar. Very short 5 seconds grammar explanations may pop up quite rarely especially on your demand.

 topics concerning Russia: life, personal stories, movies, music, art, food, society, science… Anything.

Do students appear in the recordings?
I make a recording with a side camera only shooting myself with the whiteboard. In rare cases of technical glitches, I might include well blurred frames with students. Students’ voices are recorded.

Do I need to participate in the lectures directly?
No, participating is optional.
You will get all the benefits whether you participate directly or not.

When are live lessons held? Wednesdays, 9.30 AM Moscow time
How long? 60 min
Platform? Zoom




Hello Russian learner,

This is Comprehensible Russian, I am Inna and I create super easy to understand videos on various topics entirely in Russian brought down to the learners' level, for learning the language naturally.

My videos and lessons provide mass listening experience to real Russian speech made comprehensible with the help of drawings, pictures, gestures and realia and mainly tell about Russia but not only.

I would like you, Russian learners, to discover new amazing things about Russian culture, society, art, movies, music, history and life acquiring living Russian language naturally at the same time.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts

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