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$1 /mo
Many of my viewers use Adblock. I completely understand why, the Ads can be annoying at the best of times! The problem is, this is how YouTubers make money. Someone who supports me with $1 every mo...

$5 /mo
Access to a private email dedicated to you, my Patrons. You can email it at any time about anything at all, and I will -always- get back to you

$10 /mo
Questions is a video series I made to answer questions my viewers had.
With this, I will record a monthly  Questions specifically for my Patrons. Patrons would ask the questions, whatever they a...

$25 /mo
Once a week I will host a Patreon Game Session, in which you can join myself and other Patrons for some gaming goodness! You'll be added to my Steam list so you can message me whenever you like, wi...

$50 /mo
Your name will be added to the Description of all future videos, as a personal thank you. At the end of certain videos I will be mentioning you and thanking you for the insane level of support you ...

$100 /mo
This level is absurd and I have no idea what to offer someone who would be so kind. If I ever have someone at this level, I will come up with something, specifically for you.