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About Concussion Alliance

We founded the nonprofit Concussion Alliance to provide information, hope, and empowerment to concussion patients and their families, and the latest research and information to providers. is the first online resource to provide evidence-based information about medical and alternative treatments for concussions and post-concussion syndrome. We also provide individual support via email, and we host a Facebook support group.

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We were founded by concussion patients and families to provide support and empowerment; we are part of the CascadiaNow! nonprofit family. Our website is

We have set up all tiers to be fully tax-deductible. We are part of the CascadiaNow! nonprofit family with the EIN# 47-1954164.
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Coffee Chat
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You are supporting Concussion Alliance out of the goodness of your heart! For the price of coffee and a donut, you are making a big difference. 

We are a nonprofit so your donation should be tax deductible.

Let's Do Lunch
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For a "Let's Do Lunch" donation, you are providing substantial support to get much needed information to concussion patients and providers. 

We will thank you at the top of one edition of the newsletter, and publish your quote about how Concussion Alliance has been useful to you. We will include a link to your organization if you wish.

We are a nonprofit so your donation should be tax deductible.

Dinner Date
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For our “Dinner Date” tier we will be available to talk on the phone for 25 minutes a month, if you need personalized referrals or have questions about treatments. 

We are a nonprofit so your donation should be tax deductible.

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